Swamp Eel Platter

Jacky Pasha Zaman
5th August, 2019

Review Post #4

Swamp eels are freshwater fish, but they are not closely related to other living eels. Swamp eels are sometimes mistaken for the native American eel (Anguilla rostrata) or even the invasive European eel (Anguilla anguilla). The Asian swamp eel is not even a true eel and actually belongs to the fish family Synbranchidae. Monopterus albus has a scale-less, cylindrical body with a tail that tapers at the end. The mouth contains bristle-like teeth and Monopterus albus has a distinct v-shaped gill beneath the head. Overall, the coloration is variations of green, brown and olive with the ventral side being lighter.

Swamp eel are mainly to be found in Asian regions. Eels have been a world-wide consumption commodity. Most people avoid eating it due to its resemblance to snake. Eel possess are alleged to possess a certain substance that is best for rejuvenating your whole body – your body stays cool even in the heat of summers. Apart from acting as a body cooler, eel can also help your body fight many toxic materials and eliminate the dead cells. Supposedly, another health benefits of eating eel are that it can control your bad cholesterol. In the early stages of some researches, eel-consumption has shown some contribution on the brain development and nervous system functioning. It also promotes better and healthier eye sight.

Since eel has less or minimal amount of carbohydrates and are relatively high in protein, their protein can help with the productions of insulin and in maintaining the blood sugar level in our body. Therefore, reducing any chances of developing type-2 diabetes. It is believed that eel is good for increasing stamina, overall vitality, and energy levels. The preparation of eel supplements is also fairly simple. The skin, flesh, and bones of the eels are dried, ground to powder form and capsulated. Probably eel-consumption also avoids or minimizes the occurrence of bone loss (osteoporosis).

The eel is also high in Iron and may help prevent anemia. Eels seem to possess the amino acid Arginine, which can possible reduce and prevent the growth of breast cancer. Eel-consumption can possibly lower the risk of heart attack and other heart–related diseases. Eel preparation is almost like a medicine in our household chest, and is given to ailing members in a soupy form. However it is a delicacy in my home where it is cooked like a thick gravy … pepper and cumin paste being the key ingredient of this delicious gravy. I would certainly choose swamp ell over and above any other fish preparations.

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