Rare Assamese Herb

Jacky Pasha Zaman
3rd August, 2019

Commonly known as Indian nightshade or poison berry or wild Indian brinjal, these tiny berries are bitter in the most superlative forms. Have you all tasted these ? I was always taught to eat all the seasonal produce Mother Earth has to offer. I also feel Assam and its neighbouring states have exotic herbs, wild fruits & vegetable which i would love to share in due course of time.

Just sauté this with some chillies
A Bhekuri pitika. Tita Bhekuri is a fruit found in Assam which is bitter in taste but has got many medicinal values. If you like eating bitter then possibly you will like this. Ingredients : Tita Bhekuri, Oil, Chillies, Onions, Boiled potatoes. Just Boil the bhekuri Tita and mash them with oil chillies onions and boiled potatoes … the dish is ready to be eaten.

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