Poha : the Indian b’fast mainstay

Parul Sachdeva
6th August, 2019

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When I got married I was just 21, and I landed at the foodies paradise called Indore. Married to a foodie family with typical Punjabi culture, where guests were treated as venerable atithis, and always reminded us of the popular phrase atithi devo bhava.

I was from Northern India, and was really slim at that time, never liked to eat much, but as it was Indore, I couldn’t avoid eating Poha with Ratlami Sev. Even though I was having it for the first time those days, to be honest I was not so keen on having it, but somehow got instantly hooked to Poha. Poha is fairly light on stomach, and terrific in the taste.

Poha Health quotient … it is supposedly very low in gluten, and is made like flattened rice – ideal for breakfast. Gives energy and keep us full for some time. Good for people who are on weight-loss program.

Poha Varieties cooked all over India. We will start with Madhya Pradesh – it’s Indori Poha with Ratlami Sev. In Maharashtra it is Kandha Batata Poha, in Bihar it is Dahi Poha, in Tamilnadu it is Aval Upma, in Banaras it is Matar Chura, in Bengal it is Chirwara, across the globe you can have it in the form of Namkeen Chidwada Mix.

Earlier in Northern India no one knew about this magical ingredient, now it is part of most breakfast menus, even in all big hotels. Most health experts seem to highly recommend Poha in our diet. It is indeed a fuss free, n-mess recipe> You must try it our if you haven’t already.

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  1. Ashlesha says:

    In Maharashtra we also have the dadpe pohe where the poha is just lightly sprinkled with water n kept under a heavy object for some time. It is then added with onion, fried groundnuts, chillies, tomatoes, lemon juice (in summers we add grated Kairi), finally it is tempered with mustard seeds, hing and chillies. Tastes really good

    1. culinaryreviews_lzgjk2 says:

      Thanks for yr input Ashlesha. Much appreciated.

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