Millets of India

Parul Sachdeva
5th August, 2019

It’s been long since I heard from my elders about millets but never tried to experience these little pearls. Although I was always been fascinated with their appearance, but honestly never tried to cook them. I was in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh for many years, and frequently visited South India – saw people enjoying this grains as part of their daily diet.

Divine Millet … there is a Hindi saying, jaisa ann, waisa mann (you feel like just as the grain you eat), and when I got all the information about Millet, I too switched to this magical grain.

Healing Millet … there are seveal varieties of Millet. In India Pearl Millet and Foxtail Millet are commonly used. Ragi in south, Barnyard in UP, Sorghum also in north India; Foxtail, Kodo in South Maharashtra. Millet is supposed to have the potential to heal the body, provide considerable energy energy and is a good source of protein as well.

Gluten-free Millet … these days lots of people suffering from gluten intolerance. So, such a millet is indeed a respite for such a malady.

In Rajhasthan bajra khichadi with ghee and gud (jaggery) is served – supposed to be super healthful and delicious in taste as well.

In Maharashtra Jowar and Bajra Bhakris are cooked and served with lahsun (garlic) chutney, ghee and gud (jaggery). Thaal peeth is also prepared from these Millet flour.

Millets are not expensive as well, and can be procured quite easily in most urban & rural stores. Compared to Quinoa and Cous Cous, they are really not out of reach kind of costly grains.

Weight Loss grain Millet … is really helpful for weight loss, as it is a complete meal when cooked with veggies -perfect one pot meal. I cook millets in many ways – as Upma, Chilla, Khichadi, Dosa, Idli, Dhokla etc. Today I cooked Millet Upma with veggies. Do try millets for healthy living.

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