Heritage Dining at Jaipur: 1135 AD Amber


Nine out of ten times a tourist to Amer Fort would miss this almost concealed heritage dining location. 1135 AD, as it is called, is also home to a premier culinary destination where silver furniture, crystal chandeliers, frescoed ceilings, silver cutlery and gold-kissed walls create a royal dining experience.

This is a mere glimpse of 1135 AD AMBER where one can indulge in a seven-course dinner hosted by proprietor Sanjiv Bali at the private dining room Sheesh Mahal. 1135 AD is located at one of the highest levels of the fort (yes, inside the fort itself), and its ambiance is such a soothing experience after one has been tired after one’s fort-palace darshan, especially so when the weather hot and you want a cool place to relax in.1135 AD AMBER derives its name from the founder of Kachhwaha dynasty, and is a part of the ancient palace adjacent to the shrine of Goddess Durga.

The grandiose culinary journey takes flight from the Shahi Aangan courtyard where we chilled out in the lamp-lit terrace and were seduced with the melodies of local artists… with a tall glass of fresh juice. The courtyard was a first of the glorious lanes of royal treatment as we walked into Sheesh Mahal a half hour later for a candle-lit dinner for 12 people. Compared to the the food & ambiance value that you get here, the thaali prices are incredibly reasonable at INR1250 (veg) and 1500 (non-veg). What precedes the main course thaali is so unique & substantial in itself – fresh lime juice and buttermilk, with about 6 starters & 8 sauces and 2-3 additional items. The staff is particular enough to serve even mineral water from a heavy steel jacket … and the overall table setting is exquisite.

Of the starters, the mutton kebabs are almost heavenly.The menu at Sheesh Mahal boasts an appealing line-up of appetizers, entrées and desserts over the course of a seven-course meal. We started our culinary journey with the appetizer selection and sampled the most luscious fragrant “Maas Ke Joole”, “Sarson Ke Chicken Tikka”, “Chicken Kadak Kebab” and “Mutton Shammi Kebab” while our vegetarian friends indulged in “Roomali Paneer”, “Chowk Ki Tikki”, “Vegetable Kadak Kebab” and “Tandoori Mushroom”… served with “Tamatar Dhaniya Ka Shorba.” The entrées were served in a silver thali and I was amazed to see the ample portions of Lal Maas, Baalti Jheenga Masala, Bedit Murg, Mattar Mushroom, Makai Shahjadi, Dal Makhani and Angrezi Pulav in my non-veg thali. Dessert was Malpua, Gulab Jamun and Rabdi followed by paan in the courtyard: a fitting finale to an extravagant meal. Worth every penny, and every minute spent there.

NOTE : B’coz of fairly heavy silver utensils used, the served food (especially tea/coffee) gets cold fairly fast. So, please ask the attendant to slow down the AC if you;re comfortable with it.

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