Comorin, Gurgaon, India

Rohini Kapoor
4th August, 2019

Review Post #3

… and we finally made it to the most raved about place in town ! Have been following up with the reviews and was wanting to visit the soonest. So, 3 of us die hard foodie friends decided to spend the beautiful afternoon today at this aesthetically set “Comorin”at the Horizon Centre, Gurgaon.

And oh ! Boy what a spectacular afternoon it went off, right from the word go ! We were made comfortable on those graphically designed tables with high chairs and were attended to, in the most stylised fashion!

After having gone through both the food and the beverage menus, we ordered our take and waited impatiently, not because we were hungry but excited. Once the drinks arrived we knew we had made the perfect choice !

The dishes too arrived in no time, highlighting the restaurant’s quick and immaculate service.

Each dish was beautifully done and appealed to the palette equally ! Spice ginger & lime pickle, rose and bergamot, coconut luciado were real thirst quenchers ! Mushroom chop, chaat papdi and vada pao we chose from the small meals. They were crisp and just rightly spiced with chutneys.
The paneer rara was outstanding and ended up as our favourite. These were cushioned balls of paneer in a soya granule based gravy lending it the texture of rara – accompanied by crisp paranthas. The kathal biryani and the kakdi raita was a brilliant combo tingling our taste buds no end. We were full to the brim, but missing out on the desserts would have been a big folly. So we took a while and absorbed the lovely ambience that the place had to offer.

We finally made it with the bannofi pie (with egg) for my girlfriends while I gorged peacefully on the salted pistachio icecream that was indeed a gorgeous preparation.

Yes, we are still in food coma of that exceedingly accomplished experience at comorin !

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    Thank you Rohini Kapoor for contributing the first-ever REVIEW POST by a member. Hope to see many more. Cheers.

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